• Process equipment
    • Casting equipments
    • Welding equipments
    • Heat treatment equipments
    • Forging equipments
    • Test equipments
    • Measuring and detection equipments
    • Environmental protection equipments
    • Fine blanking equipments
    • Non-standard equipments
    • Other equipments
    • 1. Medium Frequency Induction Electric Furnace

      For the high power M.F. equipment, the main circuit is high voltage input and the commutate is 12 pulse wave, so harmonic jammer to power source lessens markedly. Power supply adapts high voltage input, it can reduce the power loss in the circuit, increase the efficiency of heating, save energy sources and decrease cost.

    • 2. AOD (argon oxygen decarburization) molten steel refining technology and equipments

      AOD is an advanced process which produces ultralow-carbon stainless steel and high quality steel alloy castings. It has many advantages such as high efficient production, less investment for equipment, large application scope of raw materials, precise composition control, high purity of molten steel, low air content and etc.

    • 3. Technology & Products of Electro-slag Remelting Casting (ESRC)

      ESRC furnace is the main equipment of electro-slag metallurgy, and widely applied in the production of remelting of large and medium size casting and forging steel ingot, remelting and pouring of special shape castings, and etc. SRIF combines the needs of ESRC production and process to go through the development and production of ESRC furnace. Now it has mature design experience and the production capacity of 300-4000kVA/0.2~30t ESRC furnace.

    • 4. Digital Precision Forming Machine

      The technology and equipment of digital precision forming without pattern casting is an integrated and original innovation developed on the foundation of computer, automatic control, new materials, casting and other technologies, and as a casting technology revolution, the mold manufacturing directly driven by 3D CAD model is a new complex metal parts rapid manufacturing method, which could make complex metal parts manufacturing flexible, green, digital, and precision.
      Series Products of Digital Precision Forming Machine without Pattern Casting includes CAMTC-SMM600、CAMTC-SMM1000、CAMTC-SMM1500,which could be directly used in machining various materials, such as resin sand, water-glass sand, precoated sand and etc, according to customer demand. The equipments, as a guarantee for the successful implementation of major national projects, has been applied in China First Automobile Works , China Yituo Group and so on.  

      CAMTC-SMM600 series
       Processing Size
        CAMTC-SMM1000 series
      Processing Size 1000mm×1000mm×400mm
        CAMTC-SMM1500 series
      Processing Size 1500mm×1000mm×400mm
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