• Spare Parts
    • Gears
    • Reducers
    • 1. Gear assembly used in drive unit of locomotive

      We manufacture the gear assembly for freight locomotive and passenger locomotive. Our products have already passed SIEMENS and Alston system authentication, and their capabilities are as excellent as the import unit.

    • 2. High speed and accurate gear transmission

      We had done many study works on the thermal deformation, calculating of elastic distortion and tooth flank modification of high-speed gear. We successfully developed various types of high accuracy gear products with pitch line velocity over 180m/s, maximum rotational speed 60000r/min, and tooth surface load factor over 200N/cm2. 

                                  GS series high speed gear-boxes

    • 3. F-series crane hoist gear reducers

      F-series crane hoist gear reducers were made by us according to the market. F-series crane hoist gear reducers with ratchet wheel and pawl are used in pair to ensuring that lifts work in security. The gear-boxes are being used in metallurgy industry like ANSHAN STEEL MILL LTD, MA ANSHAN STEEL LTD etc.

      FK-series gear reducer   FQ-series gear reducer
    • 4. Worm gear transmission

      For the first time in China, we replaced the machine tool gear driving chain by the servo-system, which implemented shaving with changing β angle. We also developed the new type worm gearing products with changing tooth thickness, continuous adjustable mesh backlash. 

      The dual-lead worm gear pair for precision transmission     The enveloping worm gear reducer 
    • 5. Gear units for oil drilling

      The gear boxes used in top driver unit for oil drilling are mainly 2250kN、3150kN、4500kN and many other models. Their capabilities are as excellent as the import unit. We product many kinds of gear boxes for oil drilling for our user such as RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO. LTD, Jianghan Petroleum Administration.

                                  Top driver unit for oil drilling

    • 6. Driver unit for high pressure pulverized coal gasifier

      The driver unit for high pressure pulverized coal gasifier, has the innovative and advanced in the core technology, and occupies most of the market share in China. Nearly 1 hundred of driver units are made for Shanxi Tianji, Datang Guoji and so on.

    • 7. Gear unit for nuclear power station

      The 6100KW gear box used in sea water circulating pump for LiaoNin HongYanhe nuclear power station, was get acceptance by experts of the National Energy Bureau and the Federation of Machinery Industry Organization. 

      6100KW gear box for nuclear power station    gear box for FuQing/FangJiaShan nuclear power station
    • 8. Gear transmission in offshore drilling platform

      We have developed jacking gear set and seawater pump tower for the South China Sea No.1 and No.4 offshore platform. In 2004, the jacking gear set for offshore oil platform got the license of ABS and CCS. We developed the jacking up gear set for Wuhan Marine Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. in 2011.       

      The jacking gear set for offshore oil platform   The gear with big module


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