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    China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM), founded in 1956, is directly under the leadership of State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). CAM is the only state-owned enterprise engaged in generic and applied technology research and equipment development for manufacturing industry.
    CAM has16 subsidiaries including the holding companies, and operates the parent-subsidiary management system. CAM have a total staff of more than 6000, among them there are 3 academicians, 21 national eminent young and middle -aged experts, 309 experts who gained the governmental special allowances, 10 experts who entered the national “Tens-Hundreds-Thousands talent project to the new century”. And CAM has 2 postdoctoral scientific research working stations, 1 doctorate-accredited field and 15 master- accredited fields. In addition, CAM has built 4 national key laboratories, 3 national engineering research center s, more than 30 industrial and provincial key laboratories, and it is among the important part of China National Innovation System.
    By generations’ endeavors of several decades after CAM’s foundation of more than 60 years, CAM has gained more than 7000 achievements which have been applied in the main domestic economical industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobile, aeronautic and aerospace, environmental protection, energy, transportation, information, metallurgy, chemical engineering, construction and etc.. CAM has the concerned subsidiaries providing the professional services in standardization, quality testing, quality certification and management consultancy, which are competent in supplying for customers the total solutions to the problems in not only R&D but also the equipment manufacturing and the technical support.  CAM is now a comprehensive scientific and technological enterprises group involved three main business scopes including R&D, technology industrialization and technical services.
    As an enterprises group providing technical supporting and service in the modern manufacturing industry as well as being engaged in the common interest of manufacturing technology in the equipment manufacturing industry, CAM will be continuously focusing on the development of its independently creative technologies for aiming to be a leading scientific and technological enterprise in the modern manufacturing service industry of China, while pursuing in making more contributions to society as well as the development of CAM.

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