• The Chairman’s Remark

    Dream as horse; act your glorious youth.
    China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CAM), founded in 1956, dedicated itself to  realizing the revitalization of the national manufacturing industry, has become a part of China science &  technology innovation system and an important force in innovation-driving development of manufacturing industry.From the First Five-Year Plan to the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, with the growth of the Republic, generations of  CAM people have actively devoted themselves to the construction of national economy and national defense  industry, and have broken through a number of key technologies. Scientific research achievements have been  widely used in manned spaceflight and the Three Gorges Hub. Major national projects, such as the West-East Gas  Transmission Project, have developed a series of high-tech, sophisticated technological equipment, which has  provided a powerful weapon for mechanical automobiles, rail transit, aerospace and other fields, and has made  huge historical contributions to the development of New China.
    Entering the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, CAM has comprehensively started the modern  enterprise governance mechanism. The new era draws new blueprints and inspires people to forge ahead; the new  mechanism leads to a new journey, and time waits for no man. To implement Made-in-China 2025, to enhanc the  innovation, service-oriented industry leadership and manufacturing power support of China's equipment  manufacturing industry, and to help the national innovation-driven development strategy, is CAM's mission and  responsibility. Facing the new era, CAM will deepen the drive of innovation, with a more  open attitude, more firm beliefs, deep-rooted ingenuity, and help to realize the "dream of a powerful country"  in equipment manufacturing.

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